COUNTERTOP Marble Colors

Marble is a metamorphic rock resulting from regional or at times contact metamorphism of sedimentary carbonate rocks, either limestone or dolostone. This metamorphic process causes a complete recrystallization of the original rock into an interlocking mosaic of calcite and/or dolomite crystals. The temperatures and pressures necessary to form marble usually destroy any fossils and sedimentary textures present in the original rock.


Botticino Fiorito M7

Botticino Semiclass F1

Breccia Pernice M9

Breccian Oniciata M7

Calcutta Gold M4

Carrara Gioia M7

Carrera White M7

Cedar Oniciata M7

Crema Marfi lClassic M7

Crema Marfil Elegance M5

Crema Valencia M5

Damascus Gold M7

Diano Real M4

Emperador Dark M7

Emperador Light M4

Empress Green M7

French Vanilla M4

Grey Botticino M9

Hulien Jade Green M7

Mascarello G7

Michelangelo M5

Negro Marquina M4

Portoro M5

Rainforest Brown M5

Rainforest Green M5

Rojo Alicante M7

Rosa Damascus M5

Rosa Gerona M4

Rosa Tea Italiano M9

Rosa Verona M4

Rosso Levanto M5

Sahara Gold M4

St Laurent Oriental M4

Statuary Select M5

Thassos Teardrop M9

Thassos White M4


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